John Salzman

· Cincinnati, OH · (937) 823-2101 ·

I am a computer engineering and math minor student studying at the University of Cincinnati. My professional interests include mobile app creation, automation, and backend development. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, woodworking, and cooking.


Software Development Co-op

Siemens PLM Software

Division: Lifecycle Collaboration Software (LCS)

Code Coverage Web Dashboard
  • Create a user interface for developers to track code coverage metrics
  • Design system to create and display company hierarchy
  • Implement scripts to collect and store test coverage data
Code Change Risk Analysis Tool
  • Utilize machine learning to predict a change package risk of failure
  • Create a UI for developers to see their associated risks and coverage
  • Leverage a Neo4j database to track and store user metrics

Division: Simulation and Test Solutions (STS)

NX Software Development
  • Work in a large software base to identify, locate, and update bugs
  • Update deprecated function calls throughout the product
  • Implement workflow to allow users to bulk assign CSYS positions to components
Automate Solver Tool Kit
  • Design and implement the automation of the Solver Tool Kit
  • Create and utilize meaningful unittests to identify errors in product updates
  • Utilize ZeroMQ as a bridge to communicate completion of scripts between clients
January 2018 - Present

Business Owner

Salzak Landscaping LLC
  • Quoting, scheduling and order completion to provide optimal services
  • Obtaining, repairing, maintaining and utilizing power equipment
  • Interviewing, hiring, payroll, training and employee supervision
May 2013 - November 2018


University of Cincinnati

College of Engineering and Applied Science
Major: Computer Engineering
Minor: Mathematics

GPA: 3.353

Applicable Coursework:
  • Programing for ECEE
  • Engineering Data Structures 1 & 2
  • Software Engineering
  • Electronics 1 & 2
  • Computer Orginization & Architecture
Senior Capstone - Nimble - An online IDE for the virtual classroom
  • Allows edjucators to give programming assignments and feedback
  • Enables students to work together in real time
  • Auto create a setup free programming IDE in browser
  • See current progress, in the projects tab!
Expected May 2021

Warren County Career Technology Center

Welding School

ARC Welding I course

May 2017


  1. Senior Design Project - Current Progress (Expected Completion May 2021)
    • A in brower IDE and learning platform for programming students
    • Can edit and run both compiled and interpreted languages (Currently)
    • Can easily navigate between files and folders (Currently)
    • Can work on projects concurrently with other students and edjucators (Future)
    • A test and debugging framework (Future)
    • Can toggle between light and dark mode (Most important feature)
  2. Hueco
    • Hueco is a iOS and Android app made for rock climbers
    • Houses a social media based system to share climbed routes, photos, and videos
    • Uses push notifications to alert users of interactions on their posts
    • See more project details on GitHub
  3. UC Mountaineering Club App
    • Allows users to view, checkout, and search our gear cave
    • Lets students sign up for upcoming trips
    • Gives ability for users to fill out forms & waivers

☆ See my most recent work through GitHub


  1. RefugeUC - Treasurer
    • RefugeUC is a club that promotes and aids in helping refugees learn conversational English, aclimate to life in the US, and fosters intercultural exchange and dialogue of refuges.
  2. UC Fit For Life
    • UC Fit for Life is a volunteer orginization dedicated to giving children at a local Boys and Girl's Club a structured opportunity to get exercise and work towards better lifestyle choices.
  3. UC Mountaineering Club


Programming Languages & Tools
  • C++
  1. Neo4j Graph Database
  2. PostgreSQL Database
  3. SQL Database
  1. React Native / Expo
  2. Django
  3. Flask
  • Agile Development & Scrum

Awards & Certifications

  • Neo4j Graph Database - Certified Professional
  • Cisco Networking – IT Essentials
  • TestOut – Office Pro
  • Information Support and Services- WebXam